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Our Roxsand newsletter is meant to be a quick read for employees, customers, vendors, and friends. Our goal is to illuminate, explain, amuse, or educate. Most of all, we like to recognize employees for the work they do. Quite often, the theme of safety is our subject because of our daily focus on zero accidents and citations. We highlight how proud we are of our production plants and equipment. Sometimes something humorous strikes us and we pass it along. Holidays are always fun because they afford us an opportunity to be thankful for all of our blessings.

We are a family business and after 140 years and five generations, we could not be more proud of the multi-generation families who have worked for us. As you read through this archive, we sincerely hope you gain an insight of WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE DO!

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Early Spring Brings Jump Start to Season05-29-2020View/Download
Honoring Heroes 05-22-2020View/Download
Production to Placement05-15-2020View/Download
Winter Brings Changes to Akron!05-08-2020View/Download
Hello May!05-01-2020View/Download
ACE Ready Mix04-24-2020View/Download
The End of an Era04-17-2020View/Download
Spring Start-up04-10-2020View/Download
Dell Rapids Shop04-03-2020View/Download
Social Distancing03-27-2020View/Download
March Madness03-20-2020View/Download
New Shop at Ortonville03-13-2020View/Download
The Little Things03-06-2020View/Download

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U.S. Rep. Dusty Johnson Tours the Dell Rapids East Quarry07-08-2019View
KSFY - Dusty Johnson Tours the Dell Rapids East Quarry07-08-2019View
L.G. Everist unloading system boosts facility production10-12-2016View
Vistors Tour Dell Rapids02-22-2016View
Dells' Legion continues work on Veterans Park11-10-2015View
America's Pinkest City09-16-2015View
Sioux Quartzite's Ancient Beauty07-22-2013View
Sioux Quartzite, Sioux Falls, South Dakota07-01-2012View