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Rick Everist III

Rick Everist III
VP Midwest


"At the forefront of our work, is the safety and prosperity of our associates. From PPE to best work practices, we ensure our business is operated in ways that positively impact the employees we support for generations to come."

Our company was founded in 1876. It was built through succeeding generations by people who saw opportunities to grow – and took them. Along the way, we have been blessed with an exceptional group of employees. The business of producing, selling and delivering our products is what it appears to be – hard work!

There’s an old saying that goes something like this, “If you don’t grow it, you have to mine it.” All of us consume natural resources every day, from the toothpaste we use in the morning, to the fuel we consume while driving, to the steak we have for dinner. We use hundreds of man-made products every day, and nearly all are derived in part from some kind of ore that is mined.

As part of this global supply chain, our commitment is to act responsibly and leave the land in good order. We learned many years ago to reclaim the land we use by grading, draining, and seeding as soon as we finish mining. Land has more value to us than profits from the stone, sand and gravel below the surface.

Any company, regardless of its business sector, is only as good as its suppliers. This is especially true when things go wrong – any number of circumstances can and do tilt against getting a project or a product done on time with the highest quality. We see our job as staying ahead of the hurdles our customers face downstream from our plants. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to make sure we are getting it right. It is what drives us. It’s the simplest way to define who we are.

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our Products

Construction Aggregates

We are a quality-driven production company, and we specialize in  meeting demanding specifications.

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Landscaping Stone

A consistent high quality appearance is achieved from superior resources quarried to exacting specification.

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Dimensional Stone

“Sioux Quartzite” – The Foundation of the Dakota Territory - is a unique and elegant natural stone that will stand the test of time.

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Industrial Stone

Purity, along with its inherent hardness and close-grained structure, make it the ideal natural stone for industrial processing.

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our services

D & I Railroad

The D & I can handle a variety of commodities for a diverse group of businesses.

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Transload / Bulk Services

Our transload locations can handle almost anything shipped via railcar.

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Water Storage

Expertise in the reclamation and development of water storage reservoirs on mined lands.

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(Since 1876)

Lucius Garland Everist 1st Generation
Lucius Garland Everist
1st Generation
Hubert Everist 2nd Generation
Hubert Everist
2nd Generation
Rick Everist, Sr. 3rd Generation
Rick Everist, Sr.
3rd Generation
Steve Everist 3rd Generation
Steve Everist
3rd Generation


Rick Everist, Jr. 4th Generation
Rick Everist, Jr.
4th Generation
Rob Everist 4th Generation
Rob Everist
4th Generation
Rick Everist III 5th Generation
Rick Everist III
5th Generation