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Our company was founded 140 years ago. It was built through succeeding generations by people who saw opportunities to grow - and took them. Click on the gold coin to discover our company's unique and compelling history.


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Please click on the "OUR STORY" button. See what makes us unique and why we've been around for more than 140 years. Thank You.


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Our Roxsand newsletter is meant to be a quick read for employees, customers, vendors, and friends. Our goal is to illuminate, explain, amuse, or educate. Most of all, we like to recognize employees for the work they do. Quite often, the theme of safety is our subject because of our daily focus on zero accidents and citations. We highlight how proud we are of our production plants and equipment. Sometimes something humorous strikes us and we pass it along. Holidays are always fun because they afford us an opportunity to be thankful for all of our blessings.

We are a family business and after 140 years and five generations, we could not be more proud of the multi-generation families who have worked for us. As you read through this archive, we sincerely hope you gain an insight of WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE DO!

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2017 Full Steam Ahead01-06-2017View/Download
2017 Roxsand12-28-2017View/Download
2019 Benefit Highlights12-06-2018View/Download
All our dreams can come true...09-22-2017View/Download
Career - n. A chosen pursuit; life-work02-17-2017View/Download
Caring for our Employees06-09-2017View/Download
Change is a Good Thing!03-08-2018View/Download
Chess and Mining: The Games People Play02-03-2017View/Download
Construction Employment Reaches 10-Year High08-09-2018View/Download
Creating Value04-07-2017View/Download
Do you know the Top Ten Signs of a Heart Attack?08-11-2017View/Download
Done When the Paperwork is Done!03-03-2017View/Download
Earn Extra $$ for the Holidays!10-04-2018View/Download
Employee Appreciation!10-11-2018View/Download
Filling The Need06-13-2019View/Download
Goals for Success02-01-2018View/Download
Happy Gruntled Worker's Day!07-13-2018View/Download
How Important Are You?12-27-2018View/Download
Insurance Coverage Reminders01-25-2018View/Download
Know Your WHY and You Will Know Your WAY!03-15-2018View/Download
L. G. Everist Inc. Employees ROCK!02-21-2019View/Download
LGE Values02-28-2019View/Download
Moving on UP05-17-2018View/Download
New Year ~ New Opportunities01-03-2019View/Download
Open Enrollment is Coming10-06-2017View/Download
Preparing for Spring02-10-2017View/Download
RETIREMENT ~ Mark Bowden02-15-2018View/Download
Rock Solid in Sioux City05-31-2018View/Download
Rock Solid National Championship Team01-13-2017View/Download
Rock Solid Sales09-08-2017View/Download
STRETCHING Time and Reaching Toward Zero08-16-2018View/Download
Team L. G. Everist!04-20-2017View/Download
TEAM LGE06-23-2017View/Download
TEAMWORK makes LGE a Great Company!06-07-2018View/Download
Thank You!11-15-2018View/Download
The Ever Constant Change11-03-2017View/Download
The Olympics and L. G. Everist02-08-2018View/Download
The Power of HABIT!09-06-2018View/Download
Trends For 201805-07-2018View/Download
Unsung Heroes07-06-2018View/Download
We are Problem Solvers!05-09-2019View/Download
We've Moved!12-21-2017View/Download
What IF...08-17-2017View/Download

Press Releases

  Title Date PDF
L.G. Everist unloading system boosts facility production10-12-2016View
Vistors Tour Dell Rapids02-22-2016View
Dellsí Legion continues work on Veterans Park11-10-2015View
America's Pinkest City09-16-2015View
Sioux Quartzite's Ancient Beauty07-22-2013View
Sioux Quartzite, Sioux Falls, South Dakota07-01-2012View




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