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Monuments - Sold thru Dealers Only

Creating a memorial or monument for a loved one is an important and emotional experience. L. G. Everist, Inc. can create a monument with timeless elegance that will honor and express your feelings for years to come. All monuments are made from Sioux Quartzite, one of the world’s most beautiful and strongest stones. Perfectly formed “moons” occasionally appear on the stone. Legend has it that these moons are spots where spirits have touch the stone and left their mark, thus each piece is as individual as your loved one. Each monument is custom made, so the character of the stone shines through in every project.

  • Rock monument
  • headstone
  • Monument Bench
  • headstone
  • monument
  • monument
  • monument
Rock monument headstone monument bench monuments monument monument monument

Uprights: This monument is ideal for companion settings, but can be made into an individual setting. A monument base gives the piece a finished look.

Naturals: Our rustic monuments utilize the natural look of stone creating a distinctive memorial. Each piece is made with random thickness to create a unique stone. Natural monuments can be made as companion or individual memorials.

Hickeys: Our hickey markers are similar to a traditional grass marker with a slight slant. This marker can be made as an individual or companion monument.

Grass: L. G. Everist, Inc. grass markers are a classic monument that are flat, low profile and lie close to the ground. Grass marker monuments can be cut in individual or companion sizes as well as a variety of finishes ranging from rustic to traditional design.

Sioux Quartzite monuments are also available through our dealer network.  Call us for details.