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Dimensional Stone

The Gold of Minnehaha County

Natural stone has been a fundamental resource in construction throughout history. The utilization of natural stone can be seen in historic as well as modern architecture and design in communities across the United States.  Native to the upper Midwest, Sioux Quartzite is an incredibly hard stone (7.5-8 on the MOHS scale; nearly as hard as a diamond) with colored hues of pink to maroon. It is found in a relatively small area at the juncture of South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa. 

It has been here for millions of years! Its beauty can be seen in buildings and landscapes, not only in the Midwest, but throughout North and South America. Old world craftsmanship and attention to detail has been passed from generation to generation and is kept alive by using age old practices and elegant design to make projects that stand the test of time.

Why Use Sioux Quartzite?

We are often asked why our customers should select Sioux Quartzite above the vast array of options available. Perhaps the best way to answer this is from the many satisfied customers of L. G. Everist’s Dimensional Stone Division (formerly Jasper Stone Co.) These homeowners, business executives, property developers, architects, and peers in the stone industry tell us:

“The Sioux Quartzite stone is one of the most beautiful we have seen.”

“The movement in the stone is a true example of the beauty of mother-nature.”

“The company provides the expertise and integrity we want as a supplier for our project.”

“The flexibility of the stone is amazing! You can take the same stone and apply several different finishes to make it look totally different. This allows for a variety of colors, textures, and shapes to create the look we need for our project.”

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