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If you are dealing with wet and muddy parking lots, feedlots, roads, livestock pens, grain storage areas, machine shed floors and more, you know that these conditions can really slow you down. There is an economic alternative. C-Stone can stabilize and improve drainage without the large investment required by asphalt or concrete.

C-Stone is a durable and cost effective aggregate material that is used in a variety of challenging applications. When water is incorporated into a base course of C-Stone and is properly compacted, the result is impressive strength. C-Stone’s cementitious properties are similar to concrete. Test sections have shown that C-Stone continues to harden and gain strength over time and because C-Stone is nonorganic, vegetation growth is greatly hindered. C-stone applications are freeze-thaw durable, non-plastic, and non-erosive – all at a cost that is competitively priced to natural aggregates.

  • C-Stone is a manufactured aggregate from recycled ash
  • Looks similar to crushed limestone
  • Requires a minimum 6” depth
  • Delivered with conventional aggregate carriers

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